Inktober 2015
'What Rhymes With Zine?'
'Cinnamon Girl (Cronut)'
'Red Ted'
'BKIP' (with P M Buchan)
'Game Over'
'Do You Even Ink?'
'Hipster Hairdo!'
'Zen For Beginners'
Hourly Comic 2015
Inktober 2014
ELLE Collections S/S 14
Movember Portraits
Kerrang! Encyclopaedia of Rock
'Big Country'
ELLE Collections S/S 15 'Fashionimals'
NME - 'Seven-Inch Stories'
Kerrang! Cubeheads
Kerrang! Tattoo Issues
'Where In The In Crowd?'
'Where's Woody?'
Foxtel - Time Walks
Kerrang! Reading & Leeds Festival 2014
Kerrang! Reading & Leeds Festival 2012
An Illustrated History of the Graphic Novel
Kerrang! Magazine Editorial
Kerrang! Updated albums
Kerrang! '90s Rock Nirvana!'
'Betty the Butterfly'
Kerrang! 'My Boardgame Romance'
Hourly Comic 2013
Australia Travel Diary
Hourly Comic 2011
Austar - 'The Good, the Bad and the Family'
'Montgomery's Bank Holiday'
'Esben & The Witch'
'The Saddest Day of Her Miracle Year'
'The Gods Try Once in a Million Years'
Kerrang! Misheard Lyrics
Kerrang! 'Only In Dreams...'
Vans Warped Tour
Kerrang! Cover Typography
'Frank Turner's Wembley Survival Guide'
Inpress Books
Slopes - 'Cinematography'
'True Stories by P.M.'
Meat Draw
Printmaking Residency
'Chandlers Quay' - A 24 Hour Comic
Adaptation Adaptation
'Booze Hounds'
'Fat Jackie'
Wild In Art
Purpose Portrait
'Get The Look: Fashion Supplement'
'The Princess With Many Shoes'
'The Space In-Between the Sole and the Heel'
Gothic Lolita
'Menagerie à Trois'
'Aesop's Fables'
Clam & Elgar etc #2
Clam & Elgar etc #1
'Fat Japanese Kid Goes to Market With His Big Fat Cat'